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Megan Winslett Travel Polaroids


Megan Winslett Travel's approach is to transform tourists into travelers.  Through one-of-a-kind experiences and off-the-beaten-path unique offerings, Megan seeks to open the hearts of travelers through

education and cultural understanding.

Leveraging the vast resources from her affiliate company, Brownell Travel, Megan Winslett Travel offers value-added excursions and experiences that most travelers don’t even know exist. Her resources include local, on-the-ground experts around the globe; vetted, tried-and-true tour operators; long-standing relationships with the major luxury hotel carriers in the industry and access to a wealth of information acquired in Brownell’s 100+ years

as a travel industry leader.


With access to these resources and well-vetted properties and operators, Megan Winslett Travel ensures your accommodations and experiences will be thoughtfully crafted and custom-made for YOU.


Whether you’re getting away for a weekend in Chicago, embarking on a river cruise through Europe or escaping to Australia for the trip of a lifetime, Megan Winslett Travel will create a seamless experience.

Still wondering if you need Megan Winslett Travel?

Our family loved working with Megan to plan a late December/early January vacation to London, Paris and Rome. The app she created for us was priceless while we were away. Every tour she planned was worth every penny and perfect for our family of tween/teen. The hotels were PERFECT and we would highly recommend them to friends. Megan takes the stress out of travel!"
- Gigi R.
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