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Megan Winslett Travels About Me

Meet Megan

Travel became the norm for Megan at a young age through her father’s career in the Air Force. Moving from city to city spurred her curiosity to learn more about each destination, and after spending two summers in Europe during college, Megan truly caught the travel bug.

Some of her favorite travel memories include swimming in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, biking down Haleakala Crater in Maui,

playing tejo with friends in Colombia, boating down the Douro River in Portugal and following male lions in hot pursuit on an evening game drive in South Africa.

Channeling that passion for travel, Megan embarked on a career of helping others with their adventures. Whether planning a trip for a client or herself, Megan loves conducting research and thrives on the process of piecing an itinerary together. She enjoys building relationships with clients so she can anticipate their needs as she designs custom itineraries along with experiences specific to each client’s preferences. Knowing that some of the best moments of trips are those that aren’t planned, Megan includes time for the unexpected and impromptu.

Megan and her husband reside in Wilmington, North Carolina, where they are raising their two children and a menagerie of pets.

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